Midsommar på Morsarvet

"Magical, mystical and just wonderful", yes that are words spoken about Midsommar på Morsarvet!

The celebration of the Swedish Midsummer goes long back in time, all the way to early medieval time one are sure that there has been celebrations going on in Sweden. At Morsarvet we have also celebrated in many years. The latter of these have been in arrangement by jr. Hagerbonn och the number of guests are nowadays more and younger.

Honored guest, navigate through history and pictures to learn and to lust for MpM. Most of the pages are translated into English, so enjoy!



The celebration

MpM 2010

MpM 2008

MpM 2007

MpM 2006

MpM 2005

MpM 2004

MpM 2003

MpM in old times